The John Holmes Educational Trust for Eritrea

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Bogu and Sharki Schools
The School

The Trust has been working with Bogu village school since 2008. With the money we have raised, we have been able to:

Perhaps most importantly, last year we were able to give Bogu enough money to build a rainwater harvester in the village using solar pumps and the roof of the school. For the first time, the villagers have a reliable source of clean water! This improvement also has a positive impact on attendance at school, particularly during the dry season. Children no longer miss school in order to trek miles to the nearest well for water.

Following a trustee visit to Eritrea in February 2015, we have formed an additional partnership with a school in Sharki. We have committed to building a replacement classroom at this new school as well as improving teacher accommodation in Bogu. We also have an ambitious plan to build a proper teachers’ accommodation block in Bogu. The village has serious problems with staff retention because the village is not accessible by car and the teachers have been forced to live in squalid conditions. There is no electricity, no proper beds and no cooking facilities. Teachers are very poorly paid in Eritrea and are often on extended periods of ‘military’ service. As you can imagine, teaching in a city is much more attractive than teaching in a rural school and so the children’s education suffers accordingly, with a huge disparity in achievement between the two areas.