The John Holmes Educational Trust for Eritrea

Our Achievements

We've achieved some incredible things over the past several years, and this page is devoted to sharing some of those with you. Don't think we're stopping here though, each year we aim higher so we can bring more and more to the people of Eritrea. With every donation, we can push to bring more and more. We couldn't be more thankful to everyone who's helped to make this list possible.



In 2010, we provided Bogu school with PCs and plenty of sports equipment.


The following year we upped the PC count, as well as providing brand new sportswear, games and books.


2012 was an incredible year. We built a library and stocked it with a massive second hand book collection in Leeds, which we shipped to Eritrea.


In 2013, we provided concreted classroom floors, whitewashed walls, as well as replaced and repaired almost 80 desks.


The following year, we funded the installation of a solar powered rainwater harvester in Bogu.


In 2015 we started with a new school: Sharki. building a new classroom as well as filling it with new desks! As well as this we refurbished and refurnished the teacher accommodation in Bogu.


This year we have set up a travel grant to help teachers in Sharki with their bus fares.  We hope to help Sharki pipe water to the school and also to provide them with some sports equipment.  We have promised to provide the children in Bogu with school uniform.